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Mathieu Bliss
I'm a 19 year old student born in Lausanne. I'm fun-loving, open and an appreciator of everything artistic, as well as of everything in general. I play guitar, piano and like to stay in shape. I love travelling and meeting people from cultures I am not familiar with.
— Mathieu, Switzerland
Coordenador Municipal de Defesa Civil de São João da Barra; Militar do Corpo de Bombeiros do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, e Gerente de Projetos Direcionados a Prevenção de Desastres My name is Antonio Felicio Medeiros Valiengo and since 2001 I work directly in disaster reduction in São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro and the strengthening of Managers of Civil Defense in official events held in various Brazilian states and even outside Brazil. Attended the courses: Management in Extreme Events. Operational Course of Civil Defense. Basic Course in Systems Operations Command. Systems Course in Operations Command. Basic Course Perception of Geohazards. Course Policy and Risk Management Disaster Course Management and Leadership in the Service of Humanitarian Assistance Post Disaster Chaplaincy Course Damage Assessment Course. Course of Dangerous Goods..
Anastasia Kemp
I'm 20 , In college , funny , introverted , love to write , enjoy going out to the movies or out to eat etc.
— Anastasia, United States
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