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Uganda: Conservation Through Public Health Telecentre

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Photo: CTPH
Photo: CTPH

Project at a glance

Dates and Place


Project details

Conservation Through Public Health is a Uganda-based non-profit organization, which puts together the first information and computer training center in the Buhoma Village, at the tourist site of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, located in southwestern Uganda.

The CTPH Telecentre ( uses solar energy, thin client terminals and satellite communication to offer a solar energy powered community network Wi-Fi access point. The CTPH Telecentre provides ICT-related training and information on the linkages between public health, sustainable environments, livelihoods and education, with a special focus on youth, farmers and women. The Telecentre is also used by ecotourists on their way to the Bwindi Impenetrable Park, where some of the last mountain gorillas live. It is therefore a place for information and training, as well as awareness raising about questions related to the environment, the protection of fauna, flora and endangered species.

The CTPH Telecentre has potential to substantially improve conservation attitudes and public health practices in local communities, while bridging the digital divide and closing the content gap in a UNSECO World Heritage site, with endangered mountain gorillas. It serves the local community, government agencies, NGOs/CBOs, ecotourists and the emerging tourism industry. The CTPH project was inspired by the global United Nations Information Technology Service (UNITeS) experience the CTPH, Founder and Director of ICT for Development, Lawrence Zikusoka had in setting up agriculture information centres and kiosks for rural farmers and traders in Orissa at UNDP, India.


Conservation Through Public Health ( has been able to set up and run the CTPH Telecentre thanks to the support of the following sponsors and partners: Uganda Communications Commission's Rural Communications Development Fund, Uganda Wildlife Authority, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Uganda Telecom, Multichoice Uganda, Data Fundi, WYSE Technology, Computer Facilities, Bushnet, UltraTec, Coca Cola, Department of Women and Gender Studies at Makerere University, Albertine Youth Resource Centre, Gorilla Haven, Gorilla Journal, ICVolunteers, Wougnet and I-Network.

Volunteering Opportunities

The Cyber-Volunteers' tasks will be to assist the organization in the field of ICTs; to work with a multi-actor team based in BINP (place where the endangered mountain gorillas are living); to develop components linked to ICTs. The team is composed of people with technical skills, particularly in the field of ICT for Development, veterinary medicine, public health, strategic planning and non-profit management. For more details, see attached technical description.

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