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KIITEC is a new technical institute dedicated to providing accessible, high quality instruction and technical experience to meet the needs of its students. KIITEC was created thanks to FTE (Foundation for Technical Education), a non-profit organization, funded by private donators.  This project is realising in partnership with Ingénieurs du Monde, a non-governmental organization accredited by the United Nations which continues to support actively this Institute. The vision of KIITEC is to become the leading education centre for Telecommunications, Electronics, and Computers within Tanzania and in the East-African region.

The general Tanzanian education system is mainly based on learning by memorizing but practical experience is lacking.  The vocation of the school is to form real technicians capable to situate the problem and to repair all kind of electronic equipment (domestic and industrial, computers and telecommunication equipment). The international NGO which is called "Ingénieurs du Monde" is in charge of, amongst other things, founding technical experts who are willing to teach in practical workshops on a voluntary basis for a few weeks.

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Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for instructors (engineers & technicians) who speak English and have several years of professional experience.  Please see below for specific positions available.

General Technical Requirements for all positions:

  • Profile: Level from technician to engineer with at least 5 years of professional experience
  • Educational level: at least A level + 2 years of university
  • Ability to teach at low level but in a very practical way
  • Experience of several years as technician or engineer in electronics
  • Experience as trainer or teacher
  • Experience in Africa.

Desired Experience for ELECTRONICS

Desired experience: teaching of electronics based on experimentation, demonstration of practical examples.

The objective is to give practical training to trainers:

  • Ability to acquire knowledge of analog electronic circuits and digital electronic circuits design

  • Ability to read schematic diagrams
  • Ability to use test and measuring equipments
  • Ability to implement preventive maintenance and to repair devices

Desired Experience for COMPUTING & NETWORKING

Desired experience: good knowledge of computer hardware, wiring and local networking, OS (Windows, Linux), configuration, installation and maintenance of networks LAN, WAN (Cisco network),

Desired Experience for TELECOMMUNICATION

Desired experience: good knowledge in repair and maintenance of telecommucation equipment

Objective: provide some practical exercises in telecommunication thanks to the:

  • Ability to identify design telecommunication circuits
  • Ability to understand wavw propagation
  • Ability to apply safety precautions and identify different tools for installation works
  • Ability to identify performance of different TE system
  • Ability to explain the elements of radio receiver and transmitters and antennas system
  • Ability to understand basic mobile communications
  • Ability to understand, set, repair Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Desired Experience for AUTOMATION

Desired experience: to be able to device exercises and supervise practical pedagogic work on the following basis:

  • Ability to understand le concept DCS and the main objectives
  • Ability to identify the hardware solutions
  • Ability to identify the type of communication
  • Ability to explain the equipments, controllers, PLC, Sensors and actuators
  • Ability to set sensors and actuators
  • Ability to apply safety precautions and identify different tools for installation works
  • Ability to understand the maintenance management system

If you are interested or would like more information regarding the project or need any other details, please send us an email at cyber [at]


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