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Let's do it Geneva

30 August 2014

Geneva, 25 August 2014 -- On 27 August 2014, ICVolunteers (ICV) will be organizing a citizen day to clean riverbanks and the lake in the Geneva area. This event is organized in collaboration with the City of Geneva. Its purpose is to mobilize citizens to collect waste at various locations in the City of Geneva, especially riverbanks that currently contain amounts of waste.

The aim is to raise awareness among Geneva citizens and nurture an approach to sustain the environment and reduce the risk of pollution of rivers (in this case the Rhône) and the Lake Geneva.

These efforts are part of the continuous efforts and activities of the GreenVoice program, which aims to raise awareness among citizens about environmental issues.

The GreenVoice Program involves trainers, journalists, volunteer photographers and reporters who provide their own perspective about the environment, citizenship and volunteerism. 

A photo exhibition of the same program will start on 29th August at the Welcome Center for International Delegates of the State of Geneva at Route de Ferney 106 ( A selection of the 2500 images of photographers from more than a hundred countries will be shown from late August until the end of the year 2014. Photographers share their perspectives: a journey across five continents, from the Philippines to Colombia to India, Lithuania and Mali. 

The photos were collected from the global network of ICV, a non-profit organization with headquarters in Geneva. ICV works with a network of 15,000 volunteers and professionals from 180 countries. 

The Let's do it Campaign started in Estonia in 2008. Since then, 16 countries and more than 2.7 million people have used and adapted the campaign to encourage people to actively participate in sustainability environment.

This year's ICV initiative focused particularly on plastic waste and the terrible consequences of plastic when found in nature which pollutes the environment and is ultimately a danger to humans.

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